Associazione Strada del Tartufo Mantovano

pork tenderloin with Parmigiano cheese and white truffle

4 servings



8 pork tenderloin steaks

1 pound and 2/4 oz or 600 g grated parmigiano

vegetable stock q.s.

14 fluid ounces or 40 cc  brandy

salt and pepper

14 fluid ounces or 40 cc extra-virgin olive oil

white truffle

affetta tartufo Miniatura


From the pork tenderloin cut medallions (2 for each person) about 1 inch thick, brown them in a pan with extra-virgin olive oil, adding salt and pepper q.s., add some brandy and let it reduce.

Cook vegetable stock, add grated parmigiano reggiano and emulsify with the hand blender until obtaining a creamy mixture.

Place the medallions on the dish, sprinkle them with the obtained sauce and add truffle shavings and a drop of extra-virgin olive oil.

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