Associazione Strada del Tartufo Mantovano


Our objectives are briefly summarized in the art. 5 of our statute which considers the promotion of an integrated tourist offer, the enhancement of our farm and food and gastronomic activities, the support of natural, historical, cultural and environmental attractions in the territory, the main guidelines to be followed.

An important work, probably exhausting, which involves the stakeholders of this territory, local bodies, commercial and catering activities, associations; moreover I am convinced that the close cooperation with the highest level of government, the Province of Mantua and Lombardy Region, will guarantee good results.

The president of the Mantuan Truffle Route, Andrea Bassoli

Soil, climate and habitat.

A difficult combination of elements that, if balanced, become the ideal scenario for the birth and development of the truffle.  

Like it happens in the territory south of the province of Mantua, a natural truffle ground or “tartufaia” of the “Tuber magnatum Pico”, the very celebrated white truffle.

From Felonica to Quistello, the “treasury map” runs along the right bank of the Po river. And it is here where the Mantuan Truffle Route Association works,established at the end of 2003 with the primary aim of encouraging the development of the area through the promotion of tourist integrated offer, based on the quality of the typical products, on gastronomic traditions and on an adequate quality of the services.


Gastronomic and cultural heart of the Association, the white truffle is the undisputed protagonist of many local initiatives: from rural festivals to homemade recipes. But it is, most of all, at the centre of all the promotional activities for the territory that, combining gastronomy, culture, history and nature (for example the Pieve Matildiche, Countess Matilda’s medieval parish churches or the route on the Great River) allowed the municipality of Borgofranco sul Po to become part of the confined group of the Italian Truffle Towns.

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