Associazione Strada del Tartufo Mantovano


TRU.MU or "Truffle Museum"

Embedded in the heart of the Mantuan “truffle valley”, the TRU.MU was established in 2007 like the peak of all coordinating activities of the Province of Mantua around the truffle and aimed at favouring a rational development of the Mantuan truffle-growing and the gastronomic and cultural promotion of this precious “citizen”. 


Today the TRU.MU is more than a simple museum.

It is a journey between tradition and contemporaneity.

A route of scientific discovery of the Mantuan truffle.

A moment for learning and exchanging experiences.


The visitor, accompanied in a visual/information route of great impact, is penetrating slowly in the truffle world discovering secrets and curiosities.


The museum has a double reading path: one for adults and one for children.


A long graphic/scientific wall explains everything you have to know about the truffle in biological terms, about symbiont plants, the soil and the territory.


Scientific information is balanced by curiosities linked to truffle-dog training, cuisine and the techniques of preservation. Children are invited to write a tale or a story about the truffle and about the experience they have lived and send it to the Museum web sites.


On the outside the route ends with an Educational Park in which children will be able to test what they have learnt about the truffle.


A journey favoured by the excellent location: built on an area of 250 square-metres surrounded by the green floodplain of the Po river.


TRU.MU is located in the heart of the hunting area of “Tuber magnatum

Pico”, the prestigious White Truffle.

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