Associazione Strada del Tartufo Mantovano

Institutional activities

The activity of the Association aims at promoting the “Mantuan Truffle Route”in order to involve a larger number of local private and public bodies.

Restaurant and hotel owners, tour operators and all the forces of the agricultural world that consider the truffle a featuring element of the territory and a valid promoting element in a Province, rich in farming excellence and very important enogastronomic culture at national and international level, could become members of the association.

 An intense research for contributions and funds has been activated in order to start sound initiatives of promotion, knowledge and dissemination of the “Mantuan Truffle Route” and its members, in particular economic operators.

The project ‘Truffle Oases in the Mantuan area’ is an idea of the Association “Mantuan Truffle Route”, which knew, thanks to a network and team work, how to identify the right route to find special funding to support the costs of such a project. Indeed, thanks to measure 313 of the Rural Development Plan activated by Lombardy Region through the ERDF funds, a financing line that supports and encourage the initiatives of tourist promotion, it was possible to identify a series of elements and activities to help not only a product of excellence, such as the truffle, but thanks to its presence, to encourage the discovery of a whole territory.

The project costs are covered for 90% by the ERDF funding (European Rural Development Fund) and for 10% directly by the Association.

The activities to be developed are the following:

- communication: brochures, postcards (various promotion and information material) web site, social network.

- facilities: parking areas, road signs, bicycle purchase, mounting fairs, promotion of the taste.

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