Associazione Strada del Tartufo Mantovano

Cuisine and preservation

It is considered the kitchen’s diamond. One of the most impressive and refined food. Like every seasonal product, the truffle should be eaten immediately after harvesting. Of course the different food and supply chains needs, make its preservation obligatory.

This could happen both on industrial scale and at family level.

The most used system for the industrial preservation of the truffle is the heat sterilization. This implies a clear reduction of the aroma, but the preservation over time is guaranteed even for longer periods.

In the house, the truffle can be preserved clean in the fridge for short periods, wrapped in blotting paper and put in airtight container.

The best chefs recommend the matching between truffle and fried eggs because it better enhances the aroma and the scent of truffle.

Not only. It is well used with risotto and tagliatelle; it gives the typical Mantuan tortelli di zucca an interesting aftertaste; it seasons and perfumes the fondue.

It is possible to use the truffle even on main courses: au gratin with potatoes or

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